10 May, 2017

8 Cutting-Edge Technology Trends You Will Witness In 2017

2017 is all prepared to welcome of the most recent and selective technologies that the world still can't seem to see. We have seen a portion of the exceptional insight behind the silver screen and have detected these in the huge organizations around the globe, however, are these specialists truly trying this and genuine in this life?

technology is a perpetually changing and altering term that is expounding its sources and giving better values to the general population and the overall population. The utilization of expanding and advancement the tech level is the supplement of simple and comfort. Individuals are really acquainting diverse techniques with removing the straightforward functionalities and working towards dependable administrations thusly.

In spite of the fact that there is a considerable measure of patterns that we are anticipating this year which will be fruitful for us in order to deliver website development services, yet a portion of the enormous, amusement changing and tried and true innovations are recorded down:

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning has taken some enormous walks forward in a previous couple of years, notwithstanding developing to help and improve Google's center web index calculation. In any case, once more, we've just observed it in a constrained scope of utilizations. All through 2017, machine learning refreshes rise no matter how you look at it, entering any kind of purchase application you can consider, from offering better-prescribed products in light of earlier by history to bit by bit enhancing the client experience of an examination application. Soon machine learning turns into a sort of "new ordinary," with individuals expecting this kind of computerized reasoning as a segment of each type of innovation.

2. Virtual Reality

VR is the cutting edge craft of showing and speaking with different techs and devices that are permitting individuals to really cooperate with others in only a flicker of a moment. This is most likely one of the most recent and propelled technology this year that are now being actualized in different ventures, for example, instruction, voyaging and then some.

3. Intelligent Innovations

Smart Appliances and gadgets, automatons and other such advancements are the creative specialists that we are foreseeing this year will bring. These patterns are roused by the consistent utilization of the innovation and benefits and are as of now seen in numerous enterprises and around the globe. From magnificence answers for self-computerized vehicles and items, these too are required to come way.

4. Automation

Advertisers will be (generally) satisfied to discover that automation will turn into a greater backbone in and all through 2017, with cutting edge innovation empowering the robotization of beforehand human-selective errands. At the point when automation is consolidated with machine learning, everything can enhance much speedier, so 2017 can possibly be a genuine milestone year.

5. 3D Printing

3D Printing isn't another and most recent expansion in the market, yet they are as yet not regular in view of the high as can be costs. The cost of 3D printing is bitten by bit declining when contrasted with what it was a year back and there is more cost cutting expected for the current year. 3D printing is a standard administration that will permit to you put your thoughts and ideas into visual reality. Nowadays professional web development company are using this technology to make their work more effective.

6. AR and VR

We've as of now observed some significant strides forward for expanded reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) innovation in 2016. Oculus Rift was discharged, to the positive gathering, and a large number of VR applications and recreations took after. We likewise observed Pokémon Go, an AR diversion, detonate with more than 100 million downloads.

The market is prepared for AR and VR, and we've as of now got some early-arrange gadgets and tech for these applications, yet it will be one year from now before we see things truly take off. When they do, you'll be prepared for AR and VR renditions of basically everything—and adequate advertising chances to take after.

7. AI and Smart Homes

Artificial Intelligent is available in our regular daily existences now. From mobiles telephones to the internet and the workplace enrollment framework, everything has some distinguish and tactile movement include introduced in it. This year we are anticipating keen homes that will make the lives simpler and more utilitarian. From voice orders and hand, motion includes, these will be an amazing alternative for you to control.

8. AI and Apps

Mobile and desktop applications are isolating themselves from the antiquated utilize and calculations of judging the behavior and examples. They are moving to a much more perplexing and standard strategy for organizing your undertakings and making a more successful and various scope of arrangements. We are expecting a greater amount of the AI answers for gradually consolidate numerous applications before the current year's over.

27 January, 2017

Truth About Free WordPress Themes VS Premium Themes

There are so many WordPress themes free and information on the subject on the web that can be heartbreaking. And that's understandable! This is actually the main reason why I have developed this ultimate guide to Free WordPress themes. To help you in your learning about WordPress themes, with real answers.

There are an overwhelming number of free themes available to create a blog WordPress. Just search on Google. And why would not you use that kind of service? It's free, is not it? Downloading a free theme instead of a paid WordPress theme may seem like an obvious choice. But like most things that are too good to be true, the free themes are often accompanied by small surprises (I use this term to be nice). Indeed, you risk big with this gratuity and this is what we want to speak to you in this article. The goal is of course to avoid frustration, unnecessary expense and loss of time and energy.

First, What is a free WordPress Themes?

Free WordPress themes Some developers create free WordPress themes (visual templates for your WordPress site) to build their portfolio or just for fun. There are shops like WordPress themes ThemeForest and ElegantThemes who also design free themes to attract users to their site so that they eventually buy a premium content.

Benefits of Free WordPress Themes

There are several advantages to using a free theme:

  1. These can lighten your wallet
  2. Premium themes can be expensive and if you buy a theme and decide later that you no longer want it, or it does not do the job on what you need to do, it can be difficult to get a refund.

Community Support

Although free themes are not supported, there are many resources available to help you start your site with a free theme you just downloaded or for any advanced customizations you might want to do. On the other hand, you must have notions in PHP programming, it is a must if you want to customize your site at the level of the functionalities. The WordPress Codex is the first stop for this kind of modification, but be careful, it's not easy learning ...

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

In my opinion, there is only one good reason to use a free theme. It's free of course. On the other hand, this gratuity comes with its disadvantages. Here are a few


There is a multitude of blogs (like ours!) That publish lists of the best WordPress themes for free. Thus, the best are very frequently chosen, presented and installed on thousands of sites.

Improper coding

Many themes are assembled by amateurs with limited knowledge in PHP and WordPress programming, which can leave your site open to certain security flaws. In addition, a badly coded site represents a lot of frustration, limitation and extra work for you. Watch out for this. Check which developer programmed the theme first.

Lack of functionality

Free themes usually offer limited functionality. The premium theme of the market is a highly competitive place - just look ThemeForest of Envato Marketplace. Themes have to offer reactive design and the dozens of customizations required to place themselves at the top of the competition. We get along, the best developers go where there is money. Final point. You thus ensure a high-quality production by paying a certain amount of money for a paid theme.

Lack of Support

Free themes often do not have customer support. If you encounter a problem, you are alone. On the other hand, there are several discussions on the forums of WordPress compared to different problems encountered by different users. It's the same thing with WordPress hosting! If you take a free one, expect free customer service ...

Rarely Updated

WordPress is constantly updated. It is important that your theme is compatible with the latest version of the content management console. When you use a premium theme, it is the developer who is responsible for adding updates when necessary. But when you use a free theme, you can wait months before getting an update or even not seeing it at all. There are themes in the WordPress repository that have not been updated for more than two years, which is an eternity in the web! Ouch, security vulnerabilities.

Malicious software and encrypted links at the bottom of the page

Free themes have the bad reputation of being sometimes a passage for malicious software, encrypted spam links, injections of links to malicious software, or anything else. Since the Google Penguin update, Google has repressed sites that contain spam-type links and encrypted links. Be careful!

Free Themes VS Premium Themes

It is important to know what you really want to accomplish with your site. Small personal blogs or portfolio sites can sometimes take advantage of a free theme because it is a quick and inexpensive way to put a site online. On the other hand, those who need an e-commerce, if you are an agency or start a serious business, you would have a good experience with a premium theme. No doubt about the matter.

The premium themes offer a lot of features worth paying for the product. The free themes simply can not compete. However, if you decide to use a free theme, it is important that you recognize the limitations of it. Unless you're a developer and you can figure it out. But even then, you'd be better off developing your own theme or even starting from a paying theme with a good programming base.

Should I use a free theme or premium theme?

When you start with WordPress, it makes sense to download and experiment with free themes to get an idea of how WordPress works and how to use customization modules.

Free themes are better for:

  • Experiment with WordPress
  • A blog does not have the purpose of making income or becoming a company in either

The premium themes offer more suitable features for:

  1. Popular blogs
  2. Small, medium and large enterprises
  3. Online shops
  4. Professionals who want a site ... professional

Where can you find reliable free themes

The Collection of WordPress themes is really the biggest collection of free themes available online. At the last count, there were 3000 themes in the repository.

The repository has a search engine, allowing you to search for themes based on keywords. So if for the holidays you are looking for a pink theme with a sidebar on the right, a fixed layout, and an illustrated header, you will probably find shoes at your feet.

Here are theme sites that usually sell premium themes, but also contain some free themes:

How to check that your WordPress theme does not contain malicious code

If you're not 100% certain that the code is clean, it's a good idea to scan new themes to make sure they do not contain malicious code. There have been some plugins to help you in this search and these are all free.

Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)
The Theme Authenticity Checker plugin allows you to quickly check if your site contains malicious code.
Tac looks for source files for each theme installed in your WordPress and looks for any sign of viruses.

It is easy to use. Simply install it and activate the plugin. A new menu item will appear in your left menu under the name of TAC. If a malicious code is found, the plugin will show the path to the theme file, point you to the line number, and show you an overview of the code involved. Wow!

Other useful extensions in the same genre

  • Exploit Scanner
  • Sucuri Security - SiteCheck Malware Scanner

Tips for choosing your ideal WordPress theme

You are the only one to know your needs for your website. All these questions you should keep in your mind while selecting your theme.
  • What features do you need? 
  • Do you need a slider? From a portfolio?
  •  Does your site need to be adaptive? 
  • A good free theme could meet your present and future needs. Is the theme easy to customize? 
  • Whether you are a coding pro or a beginner with WordPress, it is important to keep in mind how much you want to customize the visual of your website. 
  • Is there support available for the theme?

26 January, 2017

How to Make Money With Your Blog - 2017 Guide

If you've ever wondered how to make money with Your blog or website, you're in the right place. With 8 years of my experience in creating income websites, I show you in this article how bloggers make money on the web. Here, no "bullshit". I tell you the real business!

Materials Needed To Make Money With A Blog

  1. A blog. Of course! Here's how to create a blog if you do not already have one. This is the fast enough portion to set up.
  2. Quality content. When you have a blog, write high-quality content. Take out your expertise on the topic you have selected and write informative articles. Your content must be of superior quality. Provide value. Give give give! To make money to the blog, you must have visitors on your site. To have visitors, your content must be worth watching. You will then get SEO in a natural way with Google.
  3. Relationships. By creating quality content, also start building a network of social networking, forums, newsgroups and commenting on other blogs. Contact other experts in your niche. Find people who may need the information you share on your blog.
  4. A solid platform. Continue to educate yourself about your topic so that your content is constantly improved over time. Use blog to get visibility, create credibility, to gain people's trust and be useful for them.
  5. Income stream. There are many ways to make money as a blogger. I give you an overview of the different approaches used on the web to make income (described later in the article).

Tips To know Make Money with a blog

  • The majority of bloggers' incomes do not come directly from the fact that they write articles. A blog is a platform and the basis of your project. After establishing their reputation with this tool, bloggers use their site as a springboard to launch their products or services that them, bring them money back. Ex: ebooks, books, conferences, products, online courses, etc.
  • If you want to make money to blog, it takes time, creativity, competitivity, but it is definitely very achievable if you have the motivation.
  • Each blogger has his own combination of techniques to make money. There is NOT the right way. There will be, your way. The possibilities are endless.
  • Successful bloggers at the monetary level have many sources of income and are constantly looking for new ways to make money.
  • I hope you have chosen a topic that fascinates you for your blog. As your site grows in a number of visitors, choose online revenues that are right for your audience. What are they looking for? For example, your blog about the canoe? Sell your services as a canoe expedition guide. Or make videos from you online and go get sponsors. I told you, the possibilities are endless.

The 5 Ways to Make Money with a Blog

I divided into 5 main categories the different sources of income used by blogs:
  1. Place Ads on Your Blog (Google Adsense)
  2. Sale Products With Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell Digital Products like ebooks etc
  4. Physical Products Sale and Promotion
  5. Provide Your Services According to Your Experience

Advertisements - Place Ads on Your Blog

Unlike other categories on the list, 100% of your revenue will be generated from the shared content on your website or from your blog when you use the ads.

Banner Ads: 

Banner ads are images similar to highway signs or advertisements in magazines. In general, these are arranged in the header of your site (header), in the sidebar, in the footer or through your content.

The ads are present to complement the content of your blog making them more attractive to your visitors who will be qualified to the products or services that will be advertised there.

Banners are often provided via an ad network. Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers with bloggers and website owners. They negotiate agreements between the two parties. It's a bit like your agent and an advertising broker for advertisers. These take a commission on the established partnership.

Some ad channels, such as Google Adsense, are quite easy to install on your website. Others are quite selective compared to the types of blogs they accept in their network. Examples of advertising networks are Google AdSense and BuyAndSellAds etc.

Can we really make money with Google AdSense?

This is a very popular and very relevant question. Google AdSense is the largest online advertising network. We constantly see Google Adsense ads when we browse the web.
Adsense ads are offered in different formats and formats (images or text). These are published in the sidebar of the websites, in the header, the footer, inside the contents and wherever the site owner chooses to distribute them.
The Adsense network is a good place to start if you want to use this way to generate income because it's pretty easy to set up.
By cons, if you want to make lots of money with Google AdSense, you must either be in a rather unique niche in which advertisers pay a lot of money per click for their ads, or you must have a lot of traffic (very difficult to Get if you are a beginner in the matter).
For these reasons, I do not necessarily recommend Google Adsense (or creating revenue through banner ads) for new bloggers.


  • To apply for Google AdSense or other ad networks, contact it via their website.
  • If you want to get an idea of prices and popular blogging traffic, sites like Beacon Ads and Federated Media are places to see such information.
  • If you use the Google Adsense network, see the best practices for the placement of Google ads. Advertisements should not harm your content.
  • As always, experiment. Test ads placement on your site to measure profitability.

Private Advertisements

Private ads are very similar to advertising banners. In fact, it is the same thing except that the intermediary is removed from the board. You are responsible for negotiating agreements directly with advertisers. Here is a video that I love about Gary Vaynerchuk who makes a live pitch to a potential customer to sell advertising. A jewel!

The first contact can come as much from the person in charge of the blog (you) or the advertiser. Be clear about what each party will get in this exchange.

You do not know how much to ask? Look at other websites in the same niche you see to see how much they are asking for their side.

Just because you create a section promoting your ads on your site does not mean that advertisers will find you and call you. Go instead to them. Be proactive. Find a magazine on the same topic as your blog and watch who advertises in it. These companies could become your main sources of revenue.

Reviews and Gifts

If you've been reading blogs for some time, you've probably seen articles that criticized (positive or negative) some products and services. You have probably also crossed competitions through which you could earn yourself certain prizes. The principle is simple, a company provides a product or a service to the blogger so that it criticizes it or gives it to some of its readers.

I put the "gifts" portion here because some blogs charge an amount in addition to getting the product for free to give its opinion with respect to it. So it becomes a way to make your site profitable.

Tips for gifts and reviews of products/services:

  • Do not be afraid to negotiate. This is your blog. You do not have to take whatever is offered to you. It is still your reputation that you put on the table when you criticize the product in question.
  • If you do not want to make a criticism for a company, ask if it would instead accept an ad space on your site. Mention that it will be highlighted for your readers.

Sponsors for a newsletter or podcast

If you have a newsletter or a podcast? You can add sponsors in the same way you would on your blog. The vast majority of the podcasts I listen to always start by mentioning a sponsor for the episode of the week. You can contact potential advertisers and tell them how they might benefit from having a presence in your podcast or newsletter (or both!).
If you are interested in starting a podcast, I suggest Pat Flynn's website. The latter is a notoriety in the field and has been very successful thanks to his podcast for several years. He even created a comprehensive guide on how to start your podcast.

Sponsored links

Writing a sponsored article means that you work with a certain company and that you write an article about their product or service. Be transparent and put forward in the article the nature of your relationship with the company. Be careful not to burn yourself over your readers by carrying too many sponsored items. Keep these to a minimum acceptable.

Summary of category "advertisements" to make a blog profitable


  • Several ad networks are easy to set up on your blog and keep up to date
  • They are very lucrative for some bloggers

The inconveniences

  • Mobile platforms, "popup ad blockers" and others can make invisible advertisements for certain readers on your site, making it less paying.
  • To make a good income with this way to make a site profitable, you either have to have a lot of traffic or a very nested and paying area for advertisers.
  • Advertising costs have fallen in recent years.
  • Advertisements alter the visual of your site and can be annoying to your visitors.
  • A large majority of visitors are now unresponsive to advertisements and will never click on them.

My advice for advertising

  • Be patient. Wait for the right partners with values similar to yours.
  • Unless you are already a popular blogger, this is the advertising medium that I do not recommend to beginners. It can be daunting to install Google Adsense and see $ 1.24 as a monthly income as it takes a lot of traffic to be profitable.

Sale Products With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of a product or service from someone else on your blog, in an article or elsewhere on the web. Your link to the product using an affiliate link (a URL containing a code specifically associated with you). When a person clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you get a commission on that sale.

Sell Digital Products Online

Audio & Video

You can sell audio or video files. These can be coaching, podcasts, music, web TV, etc. You can even sell your music creations or video creations where people can buy the rights and use them in their own project. To do this, simply sign up for sites like that Audio Jungle or iStockPhoto (in addition to photographs, iStock also sells video and audio files).

Applications, themes or plugins

If you are a programmer, you could create your own applications, websites themes or plugins (WordPress extensions). You could sell them on a site like Creative Market or ThemeForest. Many plugin programmers offer their achievements for free, but also receive donations from users.

Online courses, webinars, and online courses

Choose a topic you know well and you can teach different people interested in learning about it. Present your content 1 or 2 times to refine your presentation and start charging a certain amount of money for those who would like to take your classes.


There are many bloggers who write e-books. Ebooks are no longer selling as they were previously sold on a blog, but for some people with really interesting content and with a good group of supporters who helps you to promote it, it can still be very profitable.

For e-books in 2017, there are many authors who make a lot of money selling these directly to Amazon. The key they say is to write a lot of books.

Premium content and subscription site

The premium content on a website is placing it in private section and charging visitors for access.
This is not a new concept, but this way of making money online is becoming more and more popular. On the other hand, there is so much interesting and free content on the web that for this strategy to work well, your content must be truly unique; Access to individuals whose expertise is highly coveted, products and services exceptional, coaching one by one or all kinds of products and services personalized.


Are you a photographer? An illustrator? Why not sell your photos on a site like iStockPhoto or DepositPhotos?

Selling blogs and websites

There are several bloggers who have sold their website for an amount in the 4-5-6 and even 7 digits.
Just as some people do flips of houses, there are Internet users who also make flips of websites. Flippa is a website for buying and selling websites.

Physical products


For many bloggers, their blog helped them sell books. If you publish your book yourself, a blog is a great way to promote it.

Conferences and special events

You can create special events and conferences in relation to your topic. You can also add a "Lecturer" section on your blog to show you are offering services in this area.

Handmade Products

Are you clever with your hands? You might consider selling your creations on a site like Etsy or even on Amazon (handmade)  On these sites, you can even open your own business. It's easy and free. But you might also decide to create your own e-commerce site. However, it will cost you much more for the design of the website.


You could sell manufactured goods and use your site, your blog, or your newsletter to promote it.
You can use this approach as much if you are the manufacturer yourself if you are selling someone else's products.

Provide Online Services

Consider selling your services as if you were a self-employed worker. If you have a passion and aptitude for your topic, why not offer your services via the web? Think about ways to use your skills in your favor and sell these online.
  • Administrative assistant
  • Personal assistant
  • Project manager
  • Coach (professional coach, personal coach, life coach, etc.)
  • Web Designer
  • Consultant / Consultant
  • Cook - sell catering, or chef at home, etc.
  • Designate
  • Application Developer
  • Sound Editor
  • Photo Editor
  • Coach
  • Social Network Manager
  • Video editor
  • Professor
  • Programmer
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Etc. Etc.
Selling a service is really great because the cost of starting your project is actually minimal.
The problem is that selling a service is very difficult to duplicate. Your income depends mainly on the time you have.

Tips for selling services:

  • Create your own website (cost) with only a few pages: Home, About, Contact, Services offered, testimonials, Portfolio (if set).
  • Participate in discussion boards. Comment, get involved on social networks, answer questions. This is how you will create an expert reputation in your field.

Where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all this information? It's normal. There is a lot to learn when you do not know the web from this angle.

You should know that there is no miracle recipe. What works for one blog may well not work for another. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of the success of your project.

What is your personality?

Are you introverted or extrovert? Are you an organized person? These questions will help you determine ways to make a blog profitable that might more suit your personality.
For example, an introvert who starts out by wanting to get involved in social networks and socializing in forums is probably not the place he should focus on.
 "know thyself". Take into account your personalized before starting your work. Put all the odds on your side by making the right choices right from the start!

What are the means used by your competitors?

Look at well-established websites and blogs on the web in relation to your field of activity. How do they make money? How do they get involved on the web? If the methods used to match your personality, BINGO! Start here. As Picasso said: "good artist copy great artist steal"!

Your Next Steps ...

First, create a blog is the place to start. Good Luck!

How to Choose Right Domain Name For Your Website

The choosing and registration of a domain name are the most important steps for your identity as a company or blogger on the web. You can have the hottest business names, but if the domain associated with the name of this company is already registered you are confused on the web. How will you promote your business if you can not use a domain with your name? To my knowledge, there are "billions" of domain names since there are already over one billion websites. So finding a good domain name today is not as easy as in 1995 or until 2000 but do your research before you register your business! And take the time to inform yourself and manage this aspect of your business on the web.

95% of web design projects that I took, a domain name is already part of the equation. However, in some circumstances, I sometimes have to provide advice to my clients for the domain name to use. Below, Tips that I find essential to help people choose a good domain name.

Choose Only Available .com Domain Names

If you are not concerned with direct traffic, brand image or name recognition, you do not have to worry about this recommendation. However, if you are serious about building a successful website over the long term, you should pay attention to using the .com address. Many people still think the .com extension is the only extension that exists. Yes, even in 2015! I make this recommendation even in light of all the new extensions available in the modern era of the TLD tape. A site like "shoaib.online" will unfortunately not be interpreted as a Web address visitable or memorable by the overwhelming majority of consumers.

The .com (commercial) is the King of the Domains. To all new customers who want a new website, I suggest them to publish a website to an appropriate domain name provided they hold the .com of that domain name.

So even if the .org, .co, .pk, or .in is more suitable for you, you should still buy the .com

Some customers prefer to register a geographic domain such as .ca (Canada), .pk (Pakistan) .in (India) because their audience is mainly from specific countries. This is a good strategy. But in that situation also buy the .com

Other clients will want to register a generic domain such as .org because the site represents an organization. A non-profit organization should not use the .com but should buy the .com In any case, buy the .com if the .com is available.

However, I would never recommend a customer to register .pk or .org if he does not also own the .com. In some cases, this is not possible. So sometimes you have to make tough choices.

Why should I buy the .com? Because if you leave the .com free, someone can save it and destroy and harm or bring it to your reputation. And if someone already owns the .com, you will confuse your visitors on the web who can in spite of themselves be redirected to .com by thinking that it is you. You do not want this kind of competition in Google or the web.

If your name is Muhammad Shoaib, it is obvious that this domain name is already registered, in which case you can option for MuhammadShoaib.net, MuhammadShoaib.org. If nothing is available, another solution will have to be found.)
A domain name .com, .org or .net costs an average of $10 a year. If you have not yet purchased your .com, do it now.
So my rule here is to search first for the .com. If available, buy it. And then register the domain that suits you best. You can then redirect the .com to your online domain name. It is always a good idea to buy several areas around the main area.

Keep The Domain Name As Short As Possible

A domain name can contain up to 67 characters. It can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. It can not include special characters (*? & _ +). The vast majority of registrars require a minimum of 3 characters to form a domain like abc.com I do not think registering a 2-character domain is possible on the web. But if I'm wrong, tell me in a comment since I want to register a domain with 2 characters and I still have not found the registrar to do it.
The ideal is to have the smallest domain name possible. But almost all 3-letter domains are already registered.
Short names are easy to enter and easy to remember (see the two previous rules). They also allow more characters in the URL in the SERPs and a better fit on social networks, in magazines and all forms of offline marketing.

Make Sure Easy To Remember and Easy To Type

Remember that word-of-mouth and domination marketing SERPs (where your field is always in place for industry-related research), both rely on the ease we have to remember the name of the field. You do not want to be the company with the great website you can never remember the name when it comes time to talk to a friend because you do not remember the web address. There are a lot of SEO benefits in following the best practices of the brand, and ignoring this practice will hurt your long term results.
If a domain name requires considerable attention to typing correctly, because of spelling, length, or use of untroubled words or sounds, you have lost much of your brand image and your Marketing value.

Think To Add keywords in Your Domain 

If possible, add keywords to your domain. Why? Because it's great for SEO: Google looks first in URLs for keyword search. This is why we will see buyviagraonline.com or buyvitaminsonline.com The use of keywords in the field is advisable when it suits you!

When you start your domain name search, it helps to have a set of terms or phrases in mind that best describe the industry. Once you have this list, you can start associating them or adding prefixes and suffixes to create good domain ideas. For example, if you are launching a domain name related to the mortgage field, you could start with words like "mortgage, finance, equity, interest, home," then play until you find a good match for your needs.

Do you know Matt Cutts? But yes! Follow it to learn a lot about Google.
In this video, he answers the question: What is the importance of having keywords in our domain name?
Matt explains that to create your web identity, an original domain name such as Reddit, Digg or TechCrunch may be to your advantage and it is sometimes better to option for the unique side of your identity rather than go there With a name with keywords. This is an important decision.

How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Make The Domain Unique

Having a website name very close to a popular website that already belongs to someone else is a recipe for a disaster. So I never choose domains that are simply the plural version, with a hyphen or misspelled from an already established www address. Even after years of brand image, Flickr desperately needed Flicker.com (which they ended up buying). When people told their friends and family to find photos on Flickr, the pronunciation sent a lot of traffic to the wrong place!

Respect Trademarks and Avoid Copyright Infringement 

This is a mistake that does not happen too often but can kill a big estate and a big business when that happens. Most trademarks (if not all) prohibit the use of their names in a domain name. For example, WordPress prohibits the use of WordPress in a domain. Wp can be used as in http://wpbeginner.com (excellent site for WordPress tutorials) or http://managewp.com (excellent site to manage multiple WordPress sites), but not http://wordpressbeginner.com !!! Oh, no!

You can buy any domain name. You can buy http://formationfacebook.com but it is obvious that Facebook checks regularly the use of its name in the domain names. You can buy the domain name, create a site with this domain name, but you may get caught and be forced to redirect the site to another domain name. Very bad for your SEO. It's the same for all trademarks on the web. Avoid puzzles and trademarks in your domain name.

Avoid Dashes and Numbers

Both hyphens and numbers make it difficult to give your domain name verbally and make you lose chances to be easy to remember or type. We can also link their use with a less good positioning in the search engines, a lower performance at the level of branding, and with direct traffic.
The use of the hyphen or dash in a domain name is deprecated. Google can read your keywords in your non-hyphenated domain. It is therefore not necessary to register vitamin-sante.com. Save rather vitaminesante.com

You will say " Yes, but it is more beautiful and easier to read if you put a dash in the domain name ." And I will answer you " Okay, but it's much more complicated to say, spell, write and memorize ."

Create and Meet Expectations

When someone hears about your domain name for the first time, it should be able to guess instantly and precisely what kind of content might be there. That's why I like domain names like Hotmail.com, CareerBuilder.com, AutoTrader.com and WebMD.com. Areas like Monster.com, Amazon.com, Zillow.com and even Moz have to invest more in their brand because of their non-intuitive names. That said, if you know that people know you, an unrelated name can be very good.

Buy Your Domains From a Reputable Registrar

You must purchase your domain from a reputable registrar. I recommend: Domain.com

25 January, 2017

Why You Should Choose WordPress CMS

WordPress is a content management system to create your own site quite easily. In addition to its simplicity of use, it has many other advantages. So here is my view to Why You Should Choose WordPress CMS.

Free, Free and Customizable

CMS or content management systems make it easy to create and manage a blog or website. WordPress is a free and free system. Install and use WordPress involves no registration or subscription costs.

There are hundreds of themes available, and many can also be used for free. Each one will be able to find your style and choose a theme that will suit perfectly your activity. And in addition to finding an original theme among hundreds available, it is also possible to customize the theme, changing for example colors, fonts, layouts or plugins.

The WordPress plugins are also counting hundreds, with new very regular additions. It is, therefore, a very economical way to create a website while being able to count on a result both personalized and professional.

Using WordPress a Simplicity

WordPress is extremely easy to use. It can be configured very quickly and its ergonomics is particularly intuitive. The management of pages, themes, links, media and plugins is done in a very fluid and simplified way. It is not necessary to have notions in HTML language or in the creation of sites nor to have a special donation for the computation or the graphic.

The interface simply invites you to add texts, images, menus and other gadgets in just a few clicks. It classifies the contents into headings, subheadings and makes it easy to manage the rights of different users.

Additionally, WordPress has become a worldwide reference for the creation of sites, it is very easy to find self-help and support forums. The platform is so widespread that one can often find the answer to a problem by putting it in any search engine.

Optimized SEO

WordPress is recognized as one of the most effective tools for SEO in search engines. The CMS has strong capacity in this area. Its source code is optimized for every update and the management of permalink, categories, and tags are facilitated.

A good use of tags also boosts SEO. The site designed WordPress can also be embellished with SEO extensions performance designed specifically for the platform. Some of them are quite formitably, while remaining free in their basic version, considered sufficient for most users.

Some basic techniques in web writing and good control of social networks will complete the work to ensure optimal referencing and therefore regular traffic on the various articles and on the pages of the site.

Using a Responsive interface

When there is a dramatic increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets for Internet browsing, it is clear that sites that do not adapt to them will lose much in traffic and efficiency. Positive: WordPress technology does not include flash elements, difficult to read on tablets and smartphones. It uses "jquery" which facilitates the interactions but also the exploitation on the mobile devices.

More and more WordPress themes, even free, also incorporate a technology totally responsive, that is to say, perfectly suited to all types of receivers: computers, Smart Phones and tablets. The responsive design actually allows a different display and ergonomics depending on the size of the screen used. It does not discourage any user and facilitates navigation on the site.

For industry professionals, creating a site in 2013 without responsive technology is a heresy considering the current and expected growth in the use of mobile devices. The use of WordPress is, therefore, an asset in this field.

Booster Your Site

If WordPress is certainly the best CMS currently developed and one that offers the most possibilities of extensions, it may present some disadvantage: the cumbersome and the slow loading. We know that a slow display discourages users and affects SEO because Google now takes into account the speed response of a website to define positioning.

There are however effective solutions to boost WordPress. The first of these lies in the choice of a quality host. Sector professionals recommend also investing a few euros more for a quality web host, rather than a premium theme that will have no impact on the speed display and therefore SEO. To be successful, hosting should include at least 1 GB of RAM, 1 GB of disk space and the ability to install a recent version of PHP / MySQL.

Also select a theme with recognized performance in terms of speed and SEO. You can check these on sites like GTmetrix.com or Pagespeed by Google. Use a cache plugin (WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache) and a CDN that will alleviate the server. Clean your database through the extension WP-Optimize and do not abuse plugins, which add heaviness to the site.

Use WordPress For the Followings

If originally it was used mainly blogs, we must recognize that today's possibilities give it another dimension. Small bulk list of what you can do with:
  1. a blog, a showcase website, an e-Commerce
  2. A Forum, a site of Classifieds
  3. An Online Magazine
  4. An Exchange Platform
  5. a directory, a WiKi
  6. A Social Network, an Intranet
As you have well understood, this list is long and magnified of versions in updates. All this is made possible by the very large community of developers and because WordPress is Open Source. WordPress now offers an optimal flexibility and offers the end user the possibility to make updates or modifications, to publish its News, to manage the Newsletters in all simplicity. So whatever your project of the website study well WordPress, it could be that it corresponds to you.

WordPress Defects

Besides the possible problems of heaviness linked to the abuse of plugins, WordPress has some other flaws. The search within the site is not really optimized. It is possible to add a search extension to compensate for this lack, if necessary. The contact form is itself non-existent in the basic version. The user management and media could / should be improved.

WordPress is also sometimes accused of slowness in most cases it is a poor use of WP associated with poor accommodation that, Together cause slowdowns on the site.
These defects, however, are not a barrier to the use of the CMS. Indeed, there are still ways to optimize WordPress, plugins, modules and external opportunities to overcome these gaps.

13 January, 2017

Advanced Technologies For Faster And Better Internet

The Internet is one of the most important inventions of the present. At the moment, only 40 percent people access internet around the world. The Internet is becoming the most important for everyday life and on the other hand, innovative technologies increasing and connecting people to the Internet which provide faster internet service.

Let's get started to Learn about the technologies that are designed to improve internet service as well as to speed up the current Internet speed and their main purpose is to provide this facility to everyone in the world.

Facebook's Solar-Powered Internet Drone

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg always expressed a desire to connect people to the Internet and for this purpose, the company has developed large drones which will help Internet access in different parts of the world. Facebook Connectivity Lab has designed their solar-powered drones as large as American Boeing 747 and these drones called Aquila. 
Solar Power Internet Drone first test flight was in June 2016.The Internet technology was not part of it that time but it was a great success. The flight continued through 96 minutes. The company expects that the next stage will be to ensure the provision of Internet access in regions of the world through energy-saving drones laser beam.

MIT develops new MegaMIMO 2.0 Wi-Fi that's 330% faster

A few months ago at MIT's computer science and artificial intelligence lab was announce 330% faster wireless Internet system than the current Wi-Fi and bandwidth 2 times more than current technology. Many transmitters used for uninterrupted supply of data in MegaMIMO 2.0 
According to MIT this technology, they are currently in the process of preparing for final shape and Soon it would be available to customers and to provide faster Internet World Wide. 

Oledcomm Li-Fi 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi technology will hundred times faster than the speed of present day Internet Wi-Fi. A French company Oledcomm has developed this Li-Fi wireless Internet technology That works on LED and much faster. Successful running time of internet, while the experiment was done in the lab, is 224 GB per second.
While the company of the LEDs lights up data rapidly through the bulbs is transmitted at a speed of 200 gigabits per second. The idea of the speed can be gauged you can download 23 DVD movies while twinkling of an eye. 

Google Project Loon

Before Facebook drone program Google has launched a project loon in which Internet is provided with the help of balloons. It flies at extreme altitude balloons and being used for the Internet in rural areas of West Asia and South Africa. This project is being extended to various areas and it is expected that Google will be able to get provide internet support every part of the world in the near future.

Samsung's Satellite Project

South Korean company Samsung is working on a major project providing across the Internet Which will be used for satellites. In 2015 the company had proposed a global network of satellites 4600 which transfer the internet up to one Zettabyte while taking round earth. According to Samsung, it will increase the speed of the internet.


01 December, 2016

Migrate from Blogger to Joomla Easy Guide

Today I am going to share with you how to migrate from Blogger to Joomla. If you are a blogger then no need to upgrade your blogger to joomla because blogger is google plate form for blogging but if you want take care of your blog professionaly as big kind of website. So Joomla fits according to your website needs.
You can follow given bellow steps to convert blogger blog into joomla website or blog.

Steps To Migrate from Blogger to Joomla Easy Guide

  1. First of all you will download Feed Gator (extension) for Joomla.You can find the latest release here.
  2. Now You Install the Feed Gator Extension (there shouldn’t be any problem doing this).
  3. Go to Components –> Feed Gator –> Manage Feeds.
  4. Now you should Create a new entry and set the title.
  5. Go to your blog and check the link to your RSS feed at the bottom, it should be something like this: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)
  6. Now set the rest of the properties in the entry and save it.
  7. At the end you select the entry (tick on the left side) and then click on “Import All”.
  8. Its Done now you can find all posts (entries) in article manager of joomla.

Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts with Comments Bellow

Change Payee Name of Google Adsense Account

If you are in the wonder to Change the payee name within your Google Adsense Account then I am going to let you know that You can change your payee name only some kind of conditions because according to Google's Terms and Conditions Google doesn't permit transfers of account ownership. You can only change payee name only given bellow reasons.
  • To Fix Misspellings
  • To Make Adjustments for changes such as marriage, death
  • Company Mergers

Steps To Change The Payee Name of Google Adsense

  1. You should not be located at above mention countries.
  2. Login to you Google Adsense Account.
  3. Go to Payments page.
  4. Now click on Payee profile (in the sidebar section)
  5. In the "Payee profile" section, click Edit.
  6. No Type Your Desire payee name and click save.
Note that if you're updating the payee name of a business account, then the top line should be the business name and the second line the contact name for the business.
 Note that Your payee name change will take effect for the next possible payment cycle. Changes made before the 16th of the month typically affect the current month's payment, while changes made after the 16th won't take effect until the next month's payment cycle.

Countries Where You Can't Change Your Adsense Payee Name 

If you're located in one of the following countries, you won't have the option to update your payee name within your account even to fix misspellings, 
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco Nepal
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Palestine
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen
If you are located in above mention countries and require a payee name change you have to close your existing AdSense account and resubmit a new application with your desired payee name.
  1. You have to Cancel Your Account.
  2. Google will close your current account.
  3. When you receive notification that your account has been closed, 
  4. Submit a new application using your new payee name.
Once your application is approved, Dont'g forget to replace your existing AdSense code on your pages with code generated from your new account.
For more information and guide let me share your thoughts given bellow in comments secession 

23 June, 2014

Awesome Productivity Tools to Make a Student’s Life Easier

There probably is not a student in the world who is satisfied with their current productivity. You are surely not immune to distractions, especially when you are young and want to break free from the clams of the challenging educational system.
If you are mainly using the Internet for the sake of social networking and watching funny videos, then you are wasting its potential. There are great tools that can help you increase your productivity and cover more work in a minimum amount of time. Are you ready to discover the productive side of the online world? Start with the tools listed below!

1. Text Compactor

When you have a large text that you need to summarize, this tool will help you achieve that with no effort. Text Compactor is possibly the best online tool for cognitive rescaling. It enables you to create different versions of the summary until you are completely happy with the outcome.

2. Diigo

When you need to collect important information for your academic projects, you can easily get lost among all resources you think are important. Diigo will enable you to navigate through the confusing online world by enabling you to highlight information on different websites, add notes and save them for further review.

3. Pocket Mod

This tool is intended to be a free personal study guide and organizer for students, and manages to achieve that goal effortlessly. By using Pocket Mod, you can organize your notes and carry them around whenever you need them by creating small books that feature guides on each page. Clearly, students usually use these tiny books as cheat sheets.

4. Remember the Milk

Let’s face it: your professors have too much requirements and it’s difficult for you to keep track on all assignments and tasks they expect you to complete. With the help of Remember the Milk, you won’t have to look through your notebooks to find important notes and you won’t need to rely on your burdened memory. You can create your task list online and the tool will automatically synchronize the details on all your devices.

5. Bubble Timer

No matter how many excuses you find to check what’s new on Twitter, you have to realize the fact that distractions are only wasting your time and limiting your productivity. When you start using Bubble Timer effectively, you will see exactly how much time you need for completing certain tasks, so you will become motivated to use it responsibly.

6. iStudiez Lite

This cool iPhone and iPad app includes few necessary tools that will help you become a better student: homework planner, schedule, notifications for your assignments and classes, and a simple calendar.

7. Todo.ly

To-do lists are more important than you think. Todo.ly is an intuitive task manager that will help you stay on top of your assignments and get all things done on time. You will stay organized and simplify your daily life at the same time.

8. Essay Eagles

Unfortunately, all students have to write awesome papers if they want to get good grades, although academic writing isn’t everyone’s thing. Essay Eagles is a website that enables you to rely on professional assistance provided by graduate degrees in various fields of study. When you take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, all essays, research papers, and other assignments will be done on time and you’ll surely get better grades on them.

All students can become better; all they need is the right set of productivity tools!

Never doubt that you can learn everything you set your mind to. Everyone’s brain holds a great capacity of memorizing and conceptualizing. All you need to do is find the right tools that will boost your productivity and improve your learning style. We already made your job easier by listing some of the most effective online productivity tools that are currently available.

Make your pick and start exploring them all; you will soon notice their direct effects upon your GPA.    

23 May, 2014

How To Make Backing Up of Your WordPress Site

Nearly everyone at some point has made a catastrophic change to their website and wished they could undo the damage. Sometimes, it’s easy. Other times, not so much. Those who don’t have much knowledge about their site other than merely posting can find themselves in a quandary quite easily if they have an issue crop up with their site due to some change they made. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you made a mistake until days later when you actually check out your site or receive an email from a visitor pointing out the issue. Then, it can be difficult to remember what it was that you did to damage the site in the first place!

Of course, user errors are not the only issues that could happen with your site. Hackers are another very real threat, and they can sometimes change things in a site’s database. Fortunately, you do have a way around this problem, and it is much easier to do than you might imagine. You can simply make backups of your site and then restore it when there is an issue. However, it’s important to make sure that you make this a habit so that you always have as fresh of a restore copy as possible.

Backup is Easy

One of the great things about using WordPress is the fact that you will have access to a built in restore and backup system. This makes it easy to save and transfer your site content from one area to another. This feature is going to back up just about everything that you have including posts, pages, categories, tags, and comments. One of the drawbacks to this option is the fact that you aren’t going to be able to back up the attachment files.

You are going to need to back up your entire site and your WordPress database. You have a few different options when it comes to backing up your site too. Many times, the Web host that you use with your WordPress themes will have a backup service or option that you can use. Another option is simply to copy the files that you have to your desktop or to an external hard drive. You can use FTP Clients to do this and copy the files right to a designated folder. It might take some time to back up a large site, at least the first time, but it is a good idea.

Something that quite a few people are starting to do now is back up their site right to Dropbox. The method is similar to copying files to your desktop, but this way they are in the cloud and they will always be there for you. It’s safer than putting the files only on a desktop that could eventually crash.

Common Questions Regarding Backups

One of the things that most people ask is how often they should back up their site. This varies from blogger to blogger, naturally. If you blog daily, then it might be a good idea to make a backup at the end of each day or every couple of days. If you only blog once a week, then a backup every two weeks is probably going to be sufficient. Do what makes you feel the most secure.

It is usually a good idea to keep at least three identical backups. Have one on your desktop, one on your external hard drive, and one in the cloud. You can zip the files so that they are smaller and more manageable too. Make sure that when you back up your files, you do it for all of the different locations.

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