04 May, 2012

How to Create (Make) a Free Blog with Blogger

I am going to share with you How to Create a Free Blog with Blogger.com. Blogger is a free service for blogging by google so you can easily make your free blog there. A lot of websites are available on the web that provide free services to create a blog but blogger is the best one. Google Adsense is also a free source of earning and you can make money with the combination of bothe Blogger and Google Adsense.Blogger gives you a free blog and Google Adsense gives you the facility to make mony with your blog.To create a free blog with blogger just follow these simple steps.

Before Create Blogger Blog:

To create a free blogger blog, you need to have a Google account. If you haven't got a Google account, create a new Google account.

Steps To Create A Free Blog With Blogger

  • Sign in To Your Google Account. (sign in to your gmail account)
  • Now Go To Blogger.com
  • Now you will have to go through Blogger sign up wizard.Enter your Display name which will be used to sign your blog posts and accept Blogger's Terms of Service.
  • Blogger will Redirect You on Blogger Dashboard Now Click On New Blog Button.

  • Now Fill up Create a new blog Box. Enter your preferred blog title and select preferred blog address followed by blogspot.com.

Note: If your entered blog address is not available, it has taken by someone already. Then you will prompt to enter another one. You are eligible to have only available blog address.

  • Now Select Your Favorite Template from Given Template List and Click on Create blog Button.
  • Your New Blog Title Will Appear on Your Dashboard.Click on Your Blog Title and Start Blogging.

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