27 May, 2012

Make Sub Domain On Blogger Custom Domain

If you are using a custom domain with Blogger Blog as "www.yourdomain.com" or just like me "www.shoaibonline.com" i am also using a custom domain with blogger. Here you can learn how to make (create) a sub domain on a blogger custom domain. An example of sub domain is "www.blog.yourdomain.com". To create sub domain on blogger custom domain you need to create a CNAME record on your custom domain and switch your Blogger Blog to the custom sub-domain.

Create CNAME Record For Blogger Sub Domain In Name.com

  1. Login to your Name.com Account 
  2. Click on Account and then click on your Domain name
  3. Now click on DNS Management form the Right Sidebar and add the details as shown in the screenshot and Submit 

Now Switch Your Blogger Blog to the Custom Sub-Domain

  1. Now i am assuming that you have a blogger blog where you want to make a sub domain.  
  2. Get into its Dashboard and Navigate to Settings >>
  3. Now Click Add Custom Domain and Click on Switch to advanced Settings” 
  4. Provide here the URL blog.yourdomain.com and Save.
  5. Now its Done Enjoy......!

If you are still in problem or confusion feel free to Contact with me or comments bellow.

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