06 June, 2012

10 Tips You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog

Today i am going to write an article for new bloggers who want to start new blog. In this article i will write some tips that you should keep in mind before starting a blog.Almost every new blogger do mistakes on the initial stage of blogging.A Common saying is that "Every human being do mistakes in their live" but it does not mean that we do mistakes all the times we can overcome these mistakes with the planing so may be you will take these tips as planing.

1.) Choose a Blogging Plate Form

There is a lot of blogging plate forms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad etc.Blogger and WordPress is most common blogging plate form that is being use largely. I am also using Blogger and i suggest use blogger because its free no need a hosting plan to host your blog.If you want to make a blogger blog you can use the following link
How to Create (Make) a Free Blog with Blogger

2.) Choose The Name Of Your Blog (Domain Name)

Domain Name is very important because of this people know your blog and visit your blog. Its just like your business name when you start a new business you decide the name of your business. If you have made a free blogger or wordpress blog then you will get a free sub domain as "www.example.blogspot.com" or "www.example.wordpress.com". But i suggest you do not use these sub domains just purchase your own.

Tips To Purchase Your Domain
  • It Should Represent Your Blog and Related To Your Blog.
  • Your Domain Should Be Short and Appropriate
  • Blog Domain Should Attract The Visitors and It Should Be Easily Memorable

3.) Design of Your Blog

Your blog design or template should be simple and user friendly. Easy To Navigate and It should Be attractive for your visitors. 

4.) Content of Your Blog

Content is always the king of your blog.If you don’t have good and unique content then what all you do to decorate your blog goes waste. Be Yourself and do not copy paste from any other website specialty from Wikipedia.

5.) Frequency of Posting

Plan yourself how frequently you post and how often you update your blog.It may be 2 posts for 3 days or 4 posts per week plan according to your convenience.Plan posts for future to avoid delay.

6.) Blog Promotion

Promote your blog on various forums and social networking sites. Now a days social networking site are playing a major role in success of a blog because now a days every one use social networking sites to connect with friends.So make use of social networking sites like facebook,twitter,google plus etc.

7.) Maintain Good relation with your fellow bloggers

Commenting on other blogs and maintaining a good relation with your fellow bloggers always help you in building your blog.

8.) Guest posting

Guest posting is a good way of building back links and drawing attention towards your blog.

9.)Use Share,Follow and good RSS buttons

Using cool share ,follow and RSS buttons attract your blog and increase the number of followers to your blog.So if there is an update they will come back to your blog once again,you can keep your readers intact with your blog.

10.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now this is the word which many newbies are afraid when they hear.SEO is nothing but a strategy of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines like google, bing and yahoo.Do a little research on SEO to become a successful blogger.

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