06 June, 2012

Add Your Website Logo To WordPress Login Screen

If you want to place your website or blog logo to wordpress login screen then here is a plug that is mostly used by wordpress professionals and wordpress bloggers.Login Logo WordPress Plugin is used to Customize the logo on the WP login screen by simply dropping a file named login-logo.png into your WP content directory. CSS is automatic!

How To Add Logo To WordPress Log in Screen

  1. Click here to download Login Logo WP Plugin
  2. Now Install and activate this plugin
  3. Create a PNG image with a transparent background, tightly cropped, with a recommended width of 312 pixels.
  4. Upload the PNG image to your WordPress content directory (/wp-content/, by default), and name the file login-logo.png.
  5. Its Done! The login screen will now use your logo. 

  • If you have a multisite install with more than one network, you can also use login-logo-network-{NETWORK ID}.png to assign a different login logo to each network.
  • If you have a multisite install, you can also use login-logo-site-{$blog_id}.png to assign a different login logo to each site.

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