06 June, 2012

How To Remove Duplicate Posts from WordPress Blog

If you have duplicate content with your Wordpress Blog and you want to remove then  here is the solution of your problem. Sometimes duplicate content happens when you are importing wordpress export file again and again or importing a blogger blog with blogger import plugin. To remove duplicate content from wordpress blog there is also some plugin are available on the web that  you can use but with the help off the following steps you can remove your wordpress duplicate content very easily and quickly.

  • Log in Your Hosting Control Panel and Click on myPhpadmin

  • After Clicking on myPhpadmin, you will see a screen like below shown picture.

  • Select your Blog’s mySQL database Account, (You will see a list of tables within that database)
  • Now Click on SQL (it can be located at next tab of structure). After Clicking on SQL, you will see a related image as shown below.

  • Copy-past below given SQL command and click on Go
DELETE bad_rows.* from wp_posts as bad_rows inner join ( select post_title, MIN(id) as min_id from wp_posts group by post_title having count(*) > 1 ) as good_rows on good_rows.post_title = bad_rows.post_title and good_rows.min_id <> bad_rows.id

Now Just wait for about 2 minutes and All your Duplicate Posts will be removed magically

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