07 June, 2012

Top 10 On Page SEO Techniques - Best On Page SEO

On page SEO is the basic thing for SEO of your blog or website to get free organic traffic from search engines like google, yahoo etc. Google always try to improve its search results and because of this you have to make a better on page SEO on your blog or website.If your blog or website now getting traffic from search engines then its time to optimize your blog with on page SEO to get more traffic from google.

1. Use Keywords and Repeat Your Important Keywords

While writing an article for your blog you should use  related keywords of your topic and repeat them but not repeat again and again just maintain keyword density of 2% to 8% in an article.

2. Interlink Your Previews Post or Link

It is very important to interlink your older posts with your new article. Interlinking of older posts not only tell the search engine that your blog has some other important posts or information as well as it will facilitate to your visitor to read older post of your blog.

3. Title, Meta Description and Keywords

Three Attribute tells the story of your blog on the search engine result Title, Meta Description and Keywords. Make sure all your posts have these three tributes other wise you will never get traffic from search engine. For WordPress users See this Top 3 WP SEO Plugins which you can use in order to activate these fields.

4. Use Header Tags

You should use Header tags like h1 h2 h3 while article writing. H1 should be on the top of your article as a top heading and must use the keywords of your article and others header tags use in the middle of your content.

5. Optimize Your URLs

Search Engine present the results on the basis of URLs if your blog URL not understandable by human being and like this www.yourblog.com/2543 and it is difficult for search engine bot as well as for humans

6. Optimize your Images

Image is also the source to get free traffic from search engine so never upload any image named as number 2585.jpg 2456.ping ect always try to write keyword as the name of your image like this on-page-seo-techniques.jpg and use alt tag with your image.

7. Update Your blog Regularly

Very Important thing is regularly updating of your blog. If not update your blog on regular basis the users of your blog will leave your blog and visit again.

8. Content of Your Blog

Do not try to copy other, always come up with your own ideas and writing style because people love your writing style. Create some thing new with old stuff, i knew its difficult but not impossible. People who love to take challenges always succeeded in life.

9. Use less Java Script Code

I have seen many websites full of advertisements and JavaScript code which is very annoying for visitors. These codes take time to execute and hence increase the loading time of your page. If your blog’s loading time is too much than search engines may penalize you, So use only that code which is most important for you.

10. URL Canonicalization

Basically Canonical is the practice in which you optimize your blog URLs in order to prevent Duplications. Let me clear you that your blog can be accessed via WWW or without it. The problem is that search engine will treat these pages separately and mark them as duplicate pages which is not good SEO practice. In WordPress you can easily define which type you want by going to General Settings page. Just enter your full blog URL with or without WWW and save the settings.

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