30 August, 2012

Top 10 Do Follow Social Bookmark Sites

All Those Web Sites that provide the services to their users to post their favorite sites are called Social Bookmarking Sites. Users can organize their favorite site by using tags or keywords. Users can share these bookmarks with the other users and choose bookmarks that added by others. You can promote you website or blog on these websites. Here is a list i made some Do Follow Social Bookmarking website that can may give you a Do Follow Back link to you for your website or blog.

1. Digg.com

This is a social bookmarking and social networking site. Anyone can submit a Digg (site), and then anyone can comment on those Diggs.  This website primarily focuses on technology related items.

2. Mixx.com

Mixx has a mix of all sorts of content ranging from videos to news to stories.

3. Furl.com

With this particular social bookmarking website, users can save copies of any Web page, search within their own personal archive of Web pages, and share what they find. Furl is used by many to create their own personal shopping lists, real estate directories, job searches, student research papers, etc.

4. Clipmarks.com

This social bookmarking site allows you to clip the best parts of web pages. You can capture the pieces you want from a paragraph, image or video without having to bookmark the entire page.

5. Reddit.com

This is another social bookmarking Web site that operates like Furl. You can register with a username and password, and then submit and share your bookmarks. Users are encouraged to vote on the links and stories.

6. del.icio.us

This is a popular and widely used social bookmarking site.

7. StumbleUpon.com

In this social bookmarking website you can take advantage of a vast network of dedicated Web searchers.

8. Newsvine.com

This social bookmarking site enables you to read stories from media organizations like Associated Press and individual contributors from all around the world. Stories should be fresh and popular. Anyone can contribute.

9. Diigo.com

This is another new favorite Web tools. Diigo can be used to save your favorite Web bookmarks, put sticky notes on websites, highlight stuff you like, comment, and much more.

10. Propeller.com

Another popular bookmarking website is Propeller. It works similar to other social bookmarking sites such as Digg or del.icio.us. Users find stories, submit them, and other Propeller users can vote and comment on those stories.

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Additional information for more bookmarking sites for me. Thanks a lot. Cliparts.com is handy for me as I can capture just a part of an article or just pieces of images or videos without having to bookmark the entire page, therefore I can save precious time. Newsvine.com is also interesting, this will enable me to read newsletters across the globe.