18 September, 2012

Best Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic - How To

Have a blog? and want to get more traffic for your blog. Almost every blogger has a wish to increase the traffic of their blogs. Some bloggers gain traffic but some lost their hope and fail to get traffic as their expectations. So here is i will write some very important and useful methods to increase blog traffic for the hopeless bloggers and as well as experienced bloggers.

Update Your Blog On Daily Basis - Daily Posting

The first and foremost important thing is that Daily Posting in your blog or daily update to your blog with some Unique Articles because Googlebot is always in search of new stuff on the web. whenever you post new thing with different keywords then the users search your related keywords and your website will the front of them. This amazing method has no extra pain to get free traffic.  

Choose Best Keywords

You can increase your blog traffic by choosing best keywords. Choose long tail words and Choose the word that have more searches but less competition You can use Google Adwords keyword tool. The more unique words you will choose the more the unique visitors you will get.

Social Media

Social media includes facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace, Orkut, Pinterest etc. These social media websites can give you huge traffic for your blog. Social media one the best way to increase traffic for your blog. Every successful blog has 50% traffic from these social media websites. With this method you can maximize your blog traffic.

E-mail Subscription For Your Blog

You Should enable E-mail Subscription option for your blog visitors to increase subscribers and rank of your blog. If you have 1000 e mail Subscriber than you will get 1000 users for every post of your blog because every time you post your feed burner send e mails to every subscriber. This method is slow to get subscribers but important for your blog rank. Here is related article for you to Add Simple Subscription Form Below Every Post Of Your Blogger Blog.

Reciprocal Links - Links Trading

Links Trading or Reciprocal Links is another method to increase blog traffic and blog ranking. This is called exchange linking. Some Websites has submit link option you submit your link in these websites and add their links to own websites this is called reciprocal links. It gives traffic both websites or blog and increase your search results.

Commenting on Different Forums and Blogs

You Can increase traffic by commenting on different forums and blogs by asking questions or leaving your blog links. This amazing method gives you traffic as well as a Backlink for your blog. It will increase you blog ranking if you are commenting on Do Follow Blog and fourm.

Guest Posting

Allow to others Guest Post on your blog and Also Guest Post to other blog to increase traffic. Nowadays This unique method is very popular among the bloggers and webmasters to increase their blog traffic and build relationships. If You Allow Guest Posting you will get Unique Articles from other for your blog and got traffic from search engines. Otherwise doing Guest Post will also gives you amazing traffic for your blog. Both things are important.

Directory Submission Of Your Blog

With the help fo Directory Submission you submit your Blog to most popular directories Like SEMOZ, Technorati etc. Most of people use these directories to search relevant information. This Method also increase you backlinking for your blog and increase the rank of your blog.

Mobile Version of Your Blog

Now The World is changing and in USA and other countries most of internet user are using their mobile phones for search the web and visit the sites so you should make a mobile version of your blog or website and get more traffic from these developed countries where the internet users or millions.

Advertise with Google Adwords/facebook

Advertise your blog on facebook and google adword. You can choose their advertising options. Google have adwords i-e PPC Advertising. Google will display your blog on related web pages and you will get handsome amount of traffic. This method is for those initially have sufficient budget for advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Make Your Blog Friendly With Search Engines. Your blog post title must not exceed 70 characters and avoid from long titles. Remove duplicate meta description from you blog. There must be an equality in internal and external links.

These are some basic things through which you can increase your blog traffic.

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