23 January, 2013

How To Learn Web Development - Become a Web Developer

Many People want to learn web development and want to become a web developer but they remain unable to learn free web development course online and what kind of programing languages they will use to develop a website. Before to explain where and how you can learn web development online you should now about the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development Here. So on this post i will teach you what kind of languages you will use while developing a website and what kind of website will help you to learn web development. 

Initially you should learn html, CSS and JavaScript. These languages which helps you to learn the basic structure of web development and enable you to make a website. Following are the brief introduction about the above mention languages. 

HTML – HyperText Markup Language is the main language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. Simply put, it’s what you see if you right click on any web page and “View Page Source.”

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets set the design and style properties to web elements such as the fonts styles, menus etc. They are embedded in the source of the website. The browser recognizes these styles and accordingly, the web page and its elements are displayed.

JavaScript – is a programming language that makes web pages interactive. Fancy fading buttons, sleek dropdown menus etc. are often created with the use of JS.

Websites to Learn Web Development - html, CSS and JavaScript

There are a lot of websites available online to learn web development and learn html, css and JavaScript. Following Three website are the best one.

CodeAcademy.com is one fine website where you can get all the knowledge related to Html, CSS and JavaScript!
CodeAcademy offers all the useful information stitched with interactive on-screen exercises which make the learning experience enjoyable and that too for FREE! All you need is to Sign Up and start earning points upon completion of each exercise.
Surely, by the end of the course, you’ll be able to build your own web pages and in fact fully functional websites.
Here’s the link: CodeAcademy.com
Rating= 10/10

CSS-Tricks.com is another brilliant place to enhance your skills on CSS. There are hundreds of tutorials on this website through which one can develop advanced styling techniques. Also, there is extensive material related to the newest version of CSS i.e CSS-3 and explanations for making Responsive/Mobile websites and all for free of cost.
Here is the link: CSS-Tricks.com
Rating= 8/10

W3Schools.com provides detailed knowledge for Html, CSS and JS. It has a brilliant user-interface and allows its users to write and test code on a live web page along with suited examples.
Here is the link: W3Schools.com
Rating= 8/10
So, This was the end of story this article and now you can make the most of these websites to start off your journey as a web-developer. Later you can try on more complex technologies such as PHP, .Net Framework, Xcode etc. Best of luck!

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i think CodeAcademy.com is best one i learn from this amazing site