06 May, 2013

Top 10 Best Shortest URL Shorteners - Short URL Websites

Short URL become much important for everyone including end user and bloggers. To post a normal web link on twitter use more words and with the help of URL Shorteners we can save the words. There is two kinds of Short URL Services one is click tracking and second custom URLs. Following the are example and best Website of Short URL Services. 

Example of Short URL

Normal Web URL of This Page: http://www.shoaibonline.com/2013/05/top-10-best-shortest-url-shorteners.html

Short URL of This Page: http://goo.gl/eGA99

1. Is.gd

2. Su.pr

3. Bu.tt

4. Bit.ly

 5. Goo.gl

6. Cli.gs

7. Tiny.cc

8. Sn.im

9. Tinyurl.com

10. Moourl.com

Other Websites To Short URL 

  1. ow.ly
  2. is.gd
  3. mcaf.ee
You can also share your favorite and unlisted websites in the comments bellow i will put your Short URL website in other websites list.

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http://cpl.pw/ is the best url shortner.