03 February, 2014

5 Ways Google Translate App Can Rock Your World

Translating work can be rather messy, especially if not done right. With the Google Translate Mobile App, such concerns need not be even considered at all. To get the best use out of it, here is some of the neat ways that you can do with the app.

1.Voice (Speech Recognition) 

Google's voice recognition technology works remarkably well for almost all major languages. If you're trying to get directions from a local, you no longer have to rely on hand gestures and miming - simply pull out Google Translate, change the setting to Conversation mode, and speak into your phone. The app will even read the translation out loud. 

2 Offline Mode

In the latest update of the Google Translate app for Android, the power of the translation engine resides inside your phone via downloadable language packs. Once you enable the offline languages feature, you can instantly perform translations offline. 

While the smaller size of the offline models has more limitations than their online equivalents, you can now carry the world's languages right in your pocket anywhere you go. Just select the [Offline Languages] setting in the app menu, and from there you can download offline language packs for whichever languages you will need for your next trip away from home. 

3. Camera Snap

It's hard enough trying to figure out what something says in a foreign language, but with some languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, it can be trickier because you might not know how to enter those foreign characters into your device for Google Translate. Entering these characters is now easier than ever as there is now camera-input support. Just tap the camera icon, snap a picture of the text, and brush your finger over the part you want translated. 

4. Hand Write 

Sometimes you don't know how to say what you want translated or you can't type it. Sometimes it's easier just to write it. We have a solution for that: just use the handwriting icon and draw in the black space. For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, it even provide multiple language character support. 

5. Favorites 

With Google Translate, you can find the right thing to say and its translation at just the right time. To save commonly used phrases into Favorites in the Translate app, simply click the star by the top of the traslated text to add the translation in your Favorites and, with such a simple gesture, you now have easy access to these phrases. 
Note: You can also use Phrasebook on the desktop version of Translate as well

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